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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor of Science Degree

Strong Lifting Level 1 Certification/BC Academy

Lana Deaton





NASM Certified Personal Trainer
OCB Master's Figure Pro
Bachelor of Science Degree
Strong Lifting Level 1 Certification/BC Academy

About Me


My fitness background began many years ago as I watched my parents be very active at the gym and my dad was an avid runner and triathlon competitor. Fitness and health were not something foreign to me.


It was after a health scare in 2008 that really brought me to a place of wanting to learn as much as possible about health and wellness. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of that year and went through a grueling year of surgeries and chemotherapy. My body needed healing and my mind needed to be able to control something. We can't control our genetics or the fluke things that happen to us, but we can control how we treat and fuel our bodies. This is where the transition happened.


Fitness was no longer something I did occasionally, it became like medicine to me. My career as a dental hygienist for 27 years also crossed lines with overall health and well-being. I was mentoring and counseling my dental patients long before I started my online coaching business but the dream of having my own business was still burning.


After my dad’s passing in 2020, I knew it was time to chase my dream. I was no longer going to let fear keep me from pushing out of my comfort zone. On January 1, 2021, Strong Will Fitness was established. The “Will” in Strong Will Fitness is my dad, William. It just felt right to name my business after the man who had inspired and encouraged me my entire life.

I started out training women in-person at my local gym but soon found that my reach could only go so far with only in-person training. To really make an impact and help as many women as possible, I needed to design a program that could be done from anywhere in the world.


My mission was to design a program that could provide nutritional guidance, workout programming, mindset training, and evidence-based women’s education. We all need mentors and educators in our life that help guide and push us to continue to level up and reach new heights.

I cannot think of anything more rewarding than helping people find balance in their lives and achieve overall health. We need a lifestyle that does not restrict us 100% of the time, but allows room for the things we love and enjoy. I have seen firsthand how strong will produces a strong mind, which leads to a strong body! I look forward to helping my clients reduce stress, lose weight, or change their body composition, all while increasing their confidence and finding true love and respect for their minds and bodies! I have helped 100's of women reach weight loss and body recomposition goals all while improving their overall health and mental well-being through this online program. Let’s stay strong for life.


I can't wait for you to join the Strong Will Fitness Family!!

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