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HATE CARDIO???? 7 winning tips to get you through it!

We all know that we need cardio for heart health, but how can we make it more tolerable and pass the time without staring at the time elapsed. I personally have a love/hate relationship with cardio, but the health benefits are indisputable!!!

Here are 7 tips that will make you more accountable and help get you through it:

  1. MUSIC, MUSIC, AND MORE MUSIC........... My Spotify is my go-to on every gym visit, road trip or just background tunes. There are endless playlists on every music streaming plan there is. You can also share a playlist among friends which can keep it fun and new.

  2. PODCAST-As a personal trainer/health coach, I'm constantly striving to learn more and increase my knowledge. Before leaving for the gym, I will download the podcast that I want to hear. The Wi-Fi isn't great at my gym so making sure that it is downloaded is very important.

  3. READ AN ARTICLE/WATCH A SERIES- I personally do not like to read while doing cardio but I have seen lots of people that enjoy reading or watching a series or movie.

  4. TAKE A CLASS- Many people enjoy the group setting and finding a class that is fun as well as burning calories is awesome. Very often competing against other members in the class will challenge you even more.

  5. GRAB A FRIEND- Friends will keep you accountable. When you know someone is at the gym waiting on you to work out, it will help keep you from putting it off and just going home.

  6. USE THE CHALLENGE'S ON YOUR IPHONE- We all love a good competition, some more than others. Challenge a friend or family member and see how much more it makes you show up and work hard. Knowing that someone can see what you've done that day really brings it home and makes you less likely to skip the gym.

  7. SIGN UP FOR A CONTEST- Find a local event in your area such as a 5k run, biking competition, cross-fit competition, half marathon or any kind of cardio activity. When you have a set date for a competition then you know that you will have to show up and perform. Ask yourself, "Is the person that I'll be competing against at home on the couch or out training", this will always come to your mind when you're preparing for a competition.

A few more tips would be to change cardio machines every 10 minutes, cover your screen, change up your time/resistance and lastly, take it outside. Cardio activity is always more fun if we are outside in the beauty of nature.

Keep it fun and always try to find some type of activity that you enjoy!!!

I hope these tips will help you find the motivation to show up for cardio at least 3-4x a week.

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